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What is the Order of Hermann Sons?

Hermann the Cheruscan

The Order of Hermann Sons was named after Arminius-Hermann, the Cheruscan, who united the German tribes in 9 A.D. and defeated the Roman army under Varus thus ending the Roman domination of Germany.

The Hermann Memorial Monument near Detmold, Germany, is the distinctive mark of the order.  The Order of Hermann Sons was founded in the year 1840 in the city of New York by American citizens of German descent.  The first Hermann Sons Lodge in California was established in San Francisco in the year 1870.

The Order of Hermann Sons is founded on humanitarian principles and is a non-political and non-sectarian organization.

Purpose of the Organization

The members of the OdHS find it their duty to preserve the German Heritage, the German Culture, and the German Tradition, and to promote the teaching of the German Language in the schools.

Principle declaration of the Order of Hermann Sons:

"We want to promote the German Custom, the German Spirit, the German Knowledge; we want to educate and support each other.  We All include the One and the One includes us All."


Within a few years after the first lodge was established in San Francisco, over 70 lodges came alive. The Hermann Sons initiated the annual Deutscher Tag Feier in San Francisco.   Other participation included the creation of Deutsches Hospital, Goethe-Schiller Monument in Golden Gate Park, Deutsches Haus in San Francisco, and the Altenheim in Oakland.   The Hermann Sons Museum was established in 1979 in the Hermann Sons Hall in Petaluma.   The Order declined rapidly after two world wars and a lack of new German Immigrants.   However, the spirit of our lodges is very much alive in our meetings, social events, oktoberfests, bustrips, pickincs, conventions, etc.   They are all full of fun in the German Gemütlichkeit tradition.

German speaking people have now the opportunity to join a lodge in the vicinity of their residence, where new friendships are made and the German "Gemütlichkeit" prospers.

Grand Lodge, O.d.H.S.
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